My fascination with fragrance began during a childhood vacation to New Mexico. My sister and I collected sage that we stored in small glass bottles. Back at home, taking a whiff of our sage allowed us to visit the desert any time we chose.


Years later, I began to work with and appreciate natural botanicals which lead to a simple idea:


Creating fragrances that take us to a place or moment in time.







Customers often ask us why our candles smell so good.

We explain that our candle fragrances contain only pure

essential oils. For centuries essential oils, which are derived from plants and flowers, have been recognized for their beautiful fragrance and their healing power. They often create profound effects when inhaled, reducing stress and inducing in us a sense of balance and pleasure.


Our goal at Destination Fragrances is to offer luxury fragrance products to add beauty and enjoyment to your life or the life of someone you care about.




My inspiration for our fragrance blends comes from the wonderful neighborhoods and locations in and around San Francisco. Each fragrance is created to evoke the ambiance of places frequented by locals and sought out by travelers from all over the world.


Our destination candles are all

natural, made with soy wax, cotton wicks and pure essential oils. They're hand poured in small batches at our California studio.



Catherine, Kay and Greg

We hope you enjoy our destination candles!


Please feel free to contact us

if you have any questions,


Catherine LaSasso